21.6. Meetup – Blockchain

Nächstes Meetup am 21.6.2017 im LINKWork  (Benzstr. 13, Landshut) Start 18:00 mit Pizza

um Anmeldung wird gebeten unter meetup.com/linkwork

Referent: Marco Barulli

Vortrag auf Englisch

Bitcoin, Blockchain and the future of intellectual property.

Marco will start with an introduction to Bitcoin/ Blockchain and than he will speak about the blockchain way to intellectual property management – certificates for intellectual property assets.
Bernstein allows companies to create a trail of records of the whole innovation process on the bitcoin blockchain.
Inventions, designs, proofs of use can be quickly registered and a blockchain certificate will prove ownership, existence, and integrity of any IP asset. Most notably,
all your information will remain perfectly private thanks to a unique cryptographic layer